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November 2012 Features » New Face of SEO, Importance of Social, Broad Match Modifier

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

Google is actively and aggressively targeting previously used search engine optimization tactics and is tagging them as "spam".

In fact Google is getting so aggressive about the clean up that it is even soliciting your help in reporting sites that use "spammy" techniques.

What else will Google be doing next as it works to clean up its index?

If you are concerned about your placement on Google, this newsletter will help you to understand some of the things that Google is considering important when it comes to ranking of websites in its free search index.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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The New Face of SEO | Importance of Social Media | Using Broad Match Modifier

The New Face of SEO Has Arrived

If you have a website, are a webmaster, or are simply tired of paying per click and want to improve your organic search placement, you've got a very hard job ahead of you now that Google has shifted its "racking and stacking" algorithm that determines who is in what position.

The new face of searchSEO as we've known it before is dying. Although for now, there are some strategies that still seem to work, but Google is effectively and actively targeting them one by one with filters in their index. This is very bad news for sites that have leaned heavily in code optimization and keyword density for organic placement, but good news for those that have built authority, content-rich websites.

I feel that the new face of SEO has a three pronged focus: content, social media, and blogging.


There is a new focus on having quality unique content on your website. Content that is more than a brochure about your services; rather content that explains the why and importance in the broader scheme of what you do. Content you create should be natural and readable. Mention the phrase you want to place for two times on the page and then use synonyms in a natural way. This means that pages should be smaller and really no more than 350 to 400 words long.

Social Media

There is no faster way to build links, share information, and build a community than to participate in social media. Specifically I mean Twitter and Google+ personal pages. It is very important to understand that although there has been a huge push to move businesses into Facebook, Google does not index Facebook updates, but it does index Twitter and Google+ personal page updates. If you have to choose a place to invest your time and money right now, choose Twitter.


Blogging is an easy way to not only build fresh content for your website, improve stickiness, but to build inbound links to your website and on-domain blog in a slow natural way -- a way that Google likes. It is not unusual for a website to have several thousand inbound links to blog content after blogging for several years on a regular basis.

There are several very important things to remember when you are setting up a blog. Make sure your blog is installed on the same server and using the same domain name as your website. Be consistent in writing to build content and make sure your content is on topic and unique.

If you are interested in having help with any of these needs that reflect the new face of SEO, I invite you to visit our company website to find out more about Twitter, blogging, and website content.


The Importance of Social Media in Your Marketing Plan

In one of my articles that was recently published on SiteProNews, the conversation thread is very enlightening in regards to the use of social media for organic placement. If you are serious about getting your website to place on, you've got to include the social mix. There is just no way around it. If Google thinks that social media (specifically Google+ and Twitter) are important, why in the world would you refuse to embrace them.

It does not matter if you don't like Google+ -- Google does!

It does not matter if you don't "get" Twitter -- Google includes tweets in their search index.

Twitter emerges as a power houseTwitter Emerges as a Powerful Tool for Placement

With the changes that Google has made to its algorithm, information it has disseminated on the Web about Google+, and its avid integration of Google+ and Google+ Locations in its index, you'd be a nut to think you can push against the monster that Google is on the Internet and get placement on their free platform by not participating in these venues. Absolutely nuts! But, that is just the push back my industry is giving. You'll see when you read the comments from my article.

While you're at it, read the comments on this one too about other who don't get social media and want to rant about it.

As I look at each of the commenter's notes and weigh what Google has clearly said and is doing with its algorithm, it is very clear to me that there will be winners and losers in this new world of post Panda and Penguin updates. The losers will be those that say I don't like Google+, I don't want to use it. The winners will be those that say, maybe I don't like it, but Google thinks it is important and so for organic placement I think it is important.

Which avenue will you embrace? For me, I am learning all there is to know about Google+ and am actively working to leverage success there for my own business. How about you?


Using Broad Match Modifiers in Bing Ads -- Tips from a Bing Ads Pro

Bing Ads Accredited ProfessionalBing Ads has recently added a new keyword match type and I routinely use this new match type called “broad match modifier” in nearly all of my client campaigns. Here’s why and how you can use it too to help your client programs be more fruitful in regards to lead conversion.

What Does a Broad Match Modifier Look Like?

First, a broad match modifier looks different than other keywords and keyword phrases you would routinely use in your account. Any word that must appear in a user’s search query phrase, to have your client’s ads shown, is preceded by a +. Here’s one example. Let’s say I am promoting chimney cleaning services for a client who only services Gaithersburg, Maryland residents, one of my search phrases using a broad match modifier might look like this: +chimney +cleaning +Gaithersburg.

Read the rest of the article written for and published by the Bing Ads Community and Forum online.


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