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April 2013 Features » AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, Enhance Up Your Bing Ads

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

Some exciting things have been happening in the pay per click arena this last month! Google introduced Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns which is the largest and most comprehensive change to its AdWords platform in over five years.

With Google expecting mobile search to eclipse desktop search this year, Google is helping advertisers to leverage this new advertising space for their businesses.

Enhanced Campaigns bring many new features that allow a business the ability to target decision making moments and to leverage new proximity targeting. In this newsletter we'll give you a quick overview of some of the best new features in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns that we are using for our clients.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns | Bing Up! Enhance Your Bing Ads

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Confusion and angerIt all started out with a small announcement to the professional community and then the blowback hit. Account managers were screaming "you are taking away features we like". Then AdWords rolled out a massive outreach and training program and the tide has turned with many AdWords account management professionals such as myself opting to embrace AdWords Enhanced Campaigns early.

I have attended two hour long seminars each week for the last four weeks, with more planned for the coming month, on how to get the most for clients using Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Each seminar has been a "deep dive" into a special area or topic hosted by Google Executives. After several of these seminars, careful testing, we are rolling out Enhanced Campaigns to all our client accounts this month. Many of you are already in Enhanced Campaigns as of the date you'll receive this newsletter.

Here's the executive version of what's new and why we like Enhanced Campaigns for our clients.

1. Phone calls will no longer be billed at $1 or more each. For desktops and tablets phone calls are totally free, for smartphone click to calls you'll now pay your cost per click. For many advertisers this is a huge financial advantage.

2. Phone calls can now be recorded in the AdWords control panel in the conversion column. The account manager can set up the number of seconds for a call to determine when a conversion is recorded. We typically will use 60 seconds as our default setting.

3. We can now craft specially designed smartphone text ads, select which sitelinks to show on mobile devices, and can bid up or down at the campaign level on smartphone clicks.

4. Targeting is more refined and now based on proximity location. This is a very important improvement for local serving businesses and particularly for retail stores and eateries. The account manager can now bid up by the user's location to the business and even schedule time sensitive discounts and messages; catering to actionable moments. With proximity and context now being a driving factor in regards to ad serving.

AdWords Certified Partner5. Advanced reporting on new features. Now we can see at a glance activity by targeted locations, radius settings, and even which sitelinks get the most clicks.

6. Offline promotions can now be tied in to AdWords. Using Special Offers shown to smartphone users, a business can now track foot traffic promotions driven by AdWords mobile activity.

7. Enhanced call tracking and call forwarding is also available with the ability to schedule days and times your phone number should show to mirror your call center or store front hours for better results.

There are so many new advanced improvements in Enhanced Campaigns that we are excited to enable the improvements for our clients. Coming in the months ahead, AdWords tells us that cross device targeting and tracking will push the technology envelop even further. It's an exciting time to be advertising on Google AdWords!

If you're not using AdWords yet, now's the time to consider getting started. I invite you to review our program for AdWords and would be glad to chat with you about your unique business needs and how we may be able to help you.


Bing Up! Enhance Your Bing Ads Program

Nancy McCord is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional and McCord Web Services is an Accredited Professional CompanyGoogle AdWords has recently rolled out Enhanced Campaigns and will be migrating all AdWords advertisers into their new program by mid-June. If you have embraced AdWords Enhanced Campaigns early and like the new extra power of Enhanced Campaigns, here's how you can "Enhance" your Bing Ads campaigns.

First, one important difference between AdWords and Bing Ads, if you had previously segregated your mobile campaigns out from your desktop and tablet campaigns you can still continue to do so with Bing Ads. Google AdWords did away with this option in Enhanced Campaigns.

Second, you can tweak your Bing Ads settings to provide much of the same functionality as Google AdWords Enhanced campaigns with a few savvy setting updates.  Remember, in Bing Ads you have some of the same, but also improved functionality, as you can set your targeting at the campaign level or ad group level. In Google AdWords you only set targeting at the campaign level.

How to "Enhance" Your Bing Ads Program

  1. For this example I am only going to mention how to "Enhance" settings at the campaign level, but you can follow these same steps at the ad group level as well, overriding any campaign settings.

    Let's get started, click the campaign name from the campaign summary page and then click settings. Go to locations and open the selector by clicking the arrow. Tick the radio button next to "Selected cities, metro areas, states/provinces, and countries/regions".

Use the "browse" or "research" tab underneath "Selected cities, metro areas, states/provinces, and countries/regions" to find the locations you want to add. Click to add your state or city name.  Make sure to click to include that location and it will appear in the field just above in the "show your ads in these locations". Make sure to change your incremental bid as you desire for these newly added locations.

I will typically bid higher incrementally as I near the location to my client's business. For example, my default bid may be at the US level, I may bid +10% for the state location, and I may bid +25% more for the city location. If you prefer you can bid by radius by selecting the radio button "near a business or other location", but be aware you will only be able to set one radius location not multiple locations as in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

You can read the rest of this article online in the Bing Ads Global Community Forum where I am a featured author.


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