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April 2014

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web ServicesDear Friend,

In this month's newsletter I have tried to share some wisdom on what to do with Facebook, how to watch movies you buy as DVD's on Amazon on your Kindle Fire, and what Google says about blog readability. I think that you'll find all three topics interesting reading for this month.

As always at McCord Web Services, we strive to keep you informed about current topics that impact how you promote your business online as well as to help you use technology everyday.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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Should You Still Post on Facebook?

So many businesses are wrestling with what makes sense to them in regards to social media and specifically Facebook.

  • Some businesses have decided that posting on Facebook is too much trouble and that their likes and follower numbers are too hard to grow and so have abandoned Facebook entirely.

  • Other businesses have decided that Facebook is the place they want to be and have dropped Twitter, LinkedIn, and in some cases even blogging to invest more time on Facebook.

So how can you decide if you should still post on Facebook for your business?

Facebook Wall1. Before you drop Facebook entirely, make a careful analysis of where you are connecting with your customers and prospects. If you are posting regularly on Facebook and you have under 80 followers after posting for 6 months to a year, you may be able to easily move out of Facebook and invest your time elsewhere. A great place to move is to a Google+ Community, starting as a member of an existing community before you spin off into a Community of your own making.

2. If you have 80 or more followers and you are having regular monthly follower growth, I would consider staying with Facebook and making an effort to improve your activity there both with a minimum of two updates a day and some level of follower/fan interaction such as likes, responses to posts and private messages.

3. If you just have a Facebook page and have never done regular updates I would try first for 6 months before you totally abandon Facebook.

Here's what I've seen personally, with regular quality updates for over a year we took an account that had very few likes and activity into one that is growing over 20 new likes a month. As more time goes by, the follower/like numbers have started to increase from 20 to over 30 a month and are still climbing.

For this client, out of all the social media platforms that they are using, Facebook is the most active, even more popular than YouTube. But, it took a while to really identify that Facebook was the place for them to be. The important take away from this is that it is important to evaluate long enough to be able to clearly discern which social media platform is best for your own business.

I invite you to find out about our Facebook services if you need help with Facebook updates or to analyze if Facebook is where you should invest your time and money.



Watching Movies on Your Kindle Fire

Kindle FireI have a Kindle Fire and use it to watch videos and TV shows that I have purchased from Amazon, but my husband likes to buy DVDs on Amazon and so these are not available for me to watch in the Kindle Cloud.

Here's how to be able to watch the DVDs you buy on Amazon on your Kindle:

1. Go to the Kindle app store and get the free app called Flixter. Install it on your Kindle Fire.

2. When you buy the DVD from Amazon, you'll get a coupon with the DVD package that allows you to use Digital HD Ultraviolet as your on-demand cloud storage to watch the video on any of your devices. Go to and enter in your special unique code to add the Amazon movie or DVD to your collection. I selected as my merchant Flixter, as this is my Kindle Fire movie watching app.

3. Once you enter the code you will set up a Digital HD Ultraviolet account AND a Flixter account. Both work together to allow you access. Once your accounts are confirmed by email, you will now see your digital cloud copy of the movie you own in the "owned" section of both apps.

4. When you want to watch the video on your Kindle Fire, just open the Flixter app and stream your newly purchased video anywhere and anytime.

As you own the video online plus have a DVD copy, you can watch offline. It is really the best of all worlds!



The Clarity of What You Write Matters a Lot

Matt Cutts has some great words of wisdom for bloggers and website owners in this video on how technical you should get in your website content and blog posts. You can watch the video at YouTube.

In a nutshell, here are the takeaways on this important topic.

1. Clarity of what you write for your website or blog really matters to Google as it will determine relevancy and what queries your content will match in the Google index.

2. If you cannot make the content easy for people to understand then you do not really understand the content yourself. (Matt says this, not me!) This does not mean that you need to "dumb down" what you write, but content should be informative and written in a manner that attracts those that may not have the depth of experience on a topic to your site to learn more.

3. There will always be a special place for higher level content on a topic but as far as Google is concerned the broader the appeal the better your placement will be.

4. When you make your content too technical or statistical heavy you lose the understandability of your content unless your audience is particularly coming to you for higher level information. Matt Cutts says err on the side of clarity and I say, write for the high school graduate in the bulk of your writing not the doctorate level reader.

If you need help with blog writing, we have an excellent program with quality writing. Please visit our website for prices and information.


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