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Getting the "Big" Picture

Dear Friend,

Sometimes you have to stand back and look at your website and marketing strategy from a distance to get the "big" picture. Just like our photo below of the Grand Canyon, when you are close-in hiking the rim, you only see the ancient rocks and dirt. It is not until you pull way back that you see the play of light and color on the landscape that makes this natural wonder the magnificent and breathtaking beauty that it is.

Are you too close to your own marketing plan that you are only seeing the small details and not the "big" picture? Every marketing plan should include pay per click activity; to drive immediate lead traffic, as well as content building; for long term organic placement growth. Social media should be utilized to push traffic to newly created content and build site awareness and social shares. E-newsletters should be used to connect monthly with your existing client base to keep your name front and forward and build authority. And finally blogging should be done to build a slow natural progression of backlinks.

You may be unaware that you are missing opportunities to position your business strategically for the short and long term. We can help create your "big" picture strategy. Visit our website at to find out more about our wide variety of services that move your business forward.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Image from a trip to the Grand Canyon.Triple Trouble Heads Off to College

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