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Ready to Move to the Cloud?

Dear Friend,

In October, I started a 30 day challenge, on using only Google's Calendar; un tethering myself from Outlook. As an avid, no really rabid, user of Microsoft Outlook I found it was harder than I expected to break my "Outlook Addiction". However the improvement in productivity by moving my email and calendar to the Cloud has been significant.

When are you ready to move to the cloud? Here are my telltale signs:

1. You travel frequently and dread doing so due to the pile of email you will have to deal with on the return.

2. You heavily use multiple devices - desktop, smartphone, laptop, and even tablet.

3. You've had to buy utilities to allow you access to your desktop as you need it frequently (or at least think you do) even out of the office. (I use Go To My PC.)

4. You long for a "Zero Inbox", but feel it is simply not your destiny.

As for me, I have moved to Gmail and Google Calendar after a little preparation and after three days of use I am not looking back. I have now actually achieved "Zero Inbox", and restructured my office and personal email and calendar to only use the Cloud successfully. I use for personal and Google for business.

If I can do it, you can do it too. For some, Google Apps or Office 365 are easy but costly alternatives, but for those who want to stay in control and pay no subscription charges follow my lead. I'll be teaching you how all this month on my blog.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Are you ready to move to the Cloud?Moving to the Cloud

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