McCord Web Services February 2015

A Total Makeover!

Dear Friend,

We've totally revamped our monthly e-newsletter and are trying out some new approaches. I hope you will enjoy watching our tests. Please feel free to give us feedback so we can identify what you like best. Our new newsletter format is mobile responsive and designed to engage you further with our online content.

We've written some great content this month and wanted to highlight a few items of note that are sure to provide value to you and your business.

The featured image below is from Canada from the beautiful glacier-fed Lake Moraine in Alberta near Lake Louise. We invite you to visit our "testing playground" at for more beautiful pictures from around the world.

Lake Moraine in Alberta, Canada

Read more on my blog "The Web Authority" posted every Monday and Wednesday. Then have fun, laugh, and learn even more along with me on my "Try It Friday" video blog where I review apps and showcase other cool tools you'll be sure to find useful. Check It Out »

Online Reviews - Are You Your Own Worst Enemy

Don't think that a bad online review will hurt your sales? Never even Googled your own business name online? It's time to get proactive in monitoring what others say about you, but find out why you may end up being your own worst enemy...

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Has Facebook Peaked? - Where Is Generation X?

If you are on Facebook, you may be old! The young people have flooded out of Facebook. Find out where they've gone and why Facebook is no longer the place they use to connect. But don't drop Facebook just yet...

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Try It Friday - Learn, Laugh, Explore.

Watch one of my most popular "Try It Friday" videos with several hundred YouTube views. In it I'll teach you how to pay for something using the Softcard smartphone app.

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