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Cool Weather - Boon or Bust?

Dear Friend,

My firm works a variety of businesses - cool weather for some clients brings peak sales and future holiday traffic. For other clients, fall's cool weather means the start of a seasonal slow-down until spring arrives and customers start buying again.

Regardless if your business is seasonal or steady all year long, the cooler weather of fall, which has chased you inside, gives you more time to review your website's content and marketing strategies.

If you are planning on a burst of seasonal traffic, Christmas buying starts as early as Halloween. Planning and scheduling of your AdWords advertising should start before the first week of November is over.

For those that experience a slow down, there are still opportunities for sales and many advertisers will start to move out of AdWords; allowing you more market penetration and steady sales up to the first snow.

For us, business stays steady year round. If you need help planning your holiday push or to review your website in your slow time to revamp and be ready for spring, we are but a phone call away.

In the meantime, enjoy the cool weather, warmth of friends, and excitement of harvest feasts and craft festivals that abound this time of year.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Soft colors from a fall walk in a Maryland forest on Sugar Loaf Mountain.Fall Colors for 2015

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