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Don't Just Serve – Present!

Dear Friend,

This picture is from the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, just north of New York City; the University for serious culinary students. My image is of pastries crafted by the student staff. The presentation of these deserts enhances their attractiveness. Presented on marble trays, in attractive glass and brass cases, and arranged by color; they become a feast to the eyes before they even make it to a table to be savored.

As you look at the "eye candy" in this photo, think on your website. Are you just serving up content or are you presenting it? The panache in which you deliver your content makes all the difference. It can grab attention, set you apart from others in your field, hold a reader's attention longer, and even evoke a feeling of trust and authority.

The next time you add a page to your website, consider your presentation – make it the most persuasive for your needs by using professionally written content, appropriate formatting, and artfully selected images. Be mindful and thoughtful of all you do when you update your website's face to the world.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Don't Just Serve, Present!

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