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Our Blogging Writing Services Are Different!

Dear Friend,

Be discerning when it comes to your blog writing service professional.

When we offer our blog writing services to you as a good match for your project needs you've got to know we are different!

  1. We use only American writers.
  2. We use only college educated, mature professional writers.
  3. We hand select the background information for our team of 10 writers.
  4. We craft the title for your blog post for the writer.
  5. We decide what keywords will be used in your blog post.
  6. We have a MBA graduate proof read all your content as it comes out from our writing team.
  7. We have four WordPress blog installers, who load the content, add categories, and tags as well as hand select the image to enhance your content.

But our service does not stop there...

The day your post is to appear, we verify that it has published and that it looks good.

If you are looking for a focused, results oriented team to write your blog posts and make you look good online, I invite you to check out our blog writing service program.

We are available for additional time charges to work with the Yoast plugin in an effort to green light any writing for SEO purposes your blog posts.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Our Blogging Writing Services Are Different!

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Introducing Video Services for YouTube and AdWords

We've introduced new services for video compilation and processing due to the needs of our customers. Just send us stills or short video clips and we will compile them into great 1 to 2 minute clips perfect for AdWords, YouTube or your website.

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Know More about Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising, should you do it or not? You will benefit from reading this article to find out what works and what doesn't from our real world experience. Plus did you know Facebook does remarketing?

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Don't Bleed Cash, Move Out of Broad Match

As a Google Partner and Bing Partner, I feel like I can speak with authority on this topic. In AdWords alone, I manage an actual monthly ad spend for clients of over $120,000 per 30 days or $1,441,776 yearly. As an experienced account manager I have to say that I simply hate broad match.

Don't get me wrong, I like using broad match modifiers for keywords, but I feel that for most clients broad match is simply a way to bleed cash out of a pay per click account.

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