2017 Newsletter Archive

December 2017

  1. Concentrating on the Classics
  2. Hackers Want Your Site Reputation
  3. Whopping Big Email Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
  4. AdWords Manager Tips: Attribution

November 2017

  1. AdWords Dashboard Reporting
  2. AdWords Video Advertising – Why You Should Embrace It
  3. Chat Apps for Your Website
  4. "Right Now" Searches Are Trending

October 2017

  1. Don't Burn Through Money at FindLaw
  2. Get More Sales with a Polished Website
  3. GoDaddy Takes Another Hit with Network Protect
  4. How to Use AMP

September 2017

  1. Tips for Moving to a New Web Host
  2. My Tips for Using Facebook for Business
  3. Free Apps in the Microsoft Store
  4. Amazon Alexa – I Love You!

August 2017

  1. Our Blogging Writing Services Are Different!
  2. Introducing Video Services for YouTube and AdWords
  3. Know More about Facebook Advertising
  4. Don't Bleed Cash, Move Out of Broad Match

July 2017

  1. Why You Should NOT Host at GoDaddy
  2. How to Cater to Your Audience on Twitter
  3. New Video Services
  4. The Trouble with Travel

June 2017

  1. How to Deal With an AdWords Site Suspension
  2. The Trouble with Travel
  3. SEO Consultant or SEO Therapist
  4. Site Chat = Leads + Sales

May 2017

  1. Recertifying to Make a Difference for You
  2. AdWords Conversion Attribution Models
  3. Drift: Much More than a Messaging App
  4. AdWords Tid Bits

April 2017

  1. Creative Advertising – Thinking Outside the Box
  2. The Top Three Errors for Website Placement
  3. Do You Have a Content Production Schedule?
  4. How to Get the Word Out About a New Service

March 2017

  1. Digital Security Travel Tips for World Adventurers
  2. Is Facebook Helping or Hurting You?

February 2017

  1. Google Shopping Best Practices
  2. Insights into Mobile in Google AdWords
  3. Want More Impressions Get AdWords DSK
  4. Try It Friday - Pocket Cross Device Reading App

January 2017

  1. Glitz and Glamour for Appearance's Sake Only
  2. AdWords Site Suspensions Explained
  3. Google My Business Verification Problems
  4. Reviews – Opera Free VPN

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