McCord Web Services January 2017  

Glitz and Glamour for Appearance's Sake Only

Dear Friend,

The picture in this newsletter issue is from my recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island to tour the historic stately mansions. This particular image is of the music room at the Breakers which was a summer "cottage" owned by the Vanderbilt family.

This mansion is a study in glitz and glamour. Built to awe and intimidate visitors, the amount of gold leaf and marble used in construction appears from today's standards to be overly ostentatious and glamorous to a fault.

Now let's take a lesson from the Vanderbilt's and look at your website from the standards of today. Do you have blinking and moving icons, sidebars stacked with self promotional messages, a graphically intense design that gobbles up bandwidth and slows mobile device download speed? Your website may be too glitzy and glamorous by today's standards that rank speed, utility, and blazing fast downloads as a top priority.

If you're ready to strip off the gold leaf, throw out the heavy velvet, and focus on making your website attractive for today's visitors, I encourage you to ask us how we can bring your site up to speed for 2017.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Glitz and Glamour for Appearance's Sake Only

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