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How to Deal With an AdWords Site Suspension

Dear Friend,

Have you received an AdWords site suspension notice? You are not alone trust  me, but do nothing and your ads won’t show. Get too many site suspensions and you can get banned from Google AdWords.

A site suspension is serious business. I would not waste time fighting with Google. If they say you have an offending term or problem, get the service or word out of your ads and off your website now.

Once a site suspension is received, it is important to do research to identify which AdWords policy was violated. AdWords updates their policies at will, what ran without a problem before does not assure will continue to run on AdWords – and especially in the medical field.

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We are now performing video compilation services for your website. I invite you to visit our new video services page to find out more about this new service and to see examples. Our typical website or YouTube video project will cost less than $300 to complete.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

How to Deal With an AdWords Site Suspension

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SEO Consultant or SEO Therapist

I am an SEO consultant NOT an SEO therapist! What a statement you might think, but more often than not, I am called by prospective clients that think that all they really need is an SEO therapist or SEO answer-man. They think that by getting their questions answered they can continue to do what they are doing and achieve placement in Google.

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Site Chat = Leads + Sales

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