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AdWords Dashboard Reporting

Dear Friend,

With the new AdWords Dashboard reporting, our monthly AdWords reports are about to change – significantly!

Just today, I saw that every single one of our client accounts now has a Dashboard view in the Reports tab. I am beyond excited! If you have not tested out AdWords Dashboard reporting I am here to tell you that it is revolutionary.

AdWords Dashboard reporting will allow me to set up important reports, an account score card, easily set up graphs and tables for a more visually compelling snapshot of a client's AdWords account performance. Once set up, the data will even allow clients to see weekly and monthly updates in a very understandable format.

Set up time is high initially, but I personally feel that AdWords Dashboard reporting will give clients more information to more fully understand the value of advertising on AdWords for their business.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

AdWords Dashboard Reporting

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