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Don't Burn Through Money at FindLaw

Dear Friend,

Are you thinking of moving your law website away from due to the high monthly payments and low lead numbers? For some law firms monthly payments of around $2,800 seem excessive. It you are considering moving, you are not the only law firm that is planning ahead to move out now!

As a professional internet marketing consultant, I feel a $2,800 monthly or $33,600 yearly investment for online marketing should be generating a number of highly-targeted actionable leads. This money should be an investment in growing your business not just another expense.

We have recently moved one law firm away from and found out from experience important considerations that should be part of your move planning. Read our full article online.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Tips to Moving Your Law Website Away from

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Get More Sales with a Polished Website

Your website is all about sales! That's the reason you've hung out your open for business sign. But are you hurting leads and sales by having a website that's not polished enough?

Polish is not about having fashion models in your content photos, although attractive people in your pics will not hurt, it is about the details.

These details communicate visually your professionalism and instill confidence in prospects when they visit. It's the look and feel and you've got 10 seconds to make a favorable impression!

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GoDaddy Takes Another Hit with Network Protect

GoDaddy Network Protect? What's that? That's what GoDaddy calls it when they take your site offline due to a high number of hack attacks on your shared server. Our client was down two days. GoDaddy says it allows the website to be seen when the hack attacks stop and they can turn off the GoDaddy Network Protect.

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How to Use AMP

Once you use AMP on WordPress, and if you want to use AMP pages on your regular HTML site, you'll need to do a little research. There are lots of sites and information from Google on how to set up and how to validate your new AMP pages.

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