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A New Year Brings New Challenges

Dear Friend,

2018 will be a year of challenges. Here are just a few I see surfacing for clients we work with.

Many ecommerce stores in unusual business sectors are seeing Amazon move into their markets. I am already seeing intrusions in bar owner supplies and scientific instruments. For many this, intrusion into their marketplace is unexpected and drives traffic and profits lower than desired. But, Amazon is here to stay and is a force that needs to be addressed head-on

Online advertising costs are rising and the fine balance of mobile activity to desktop activity is becoming important to manage. For many businesses mobile activity now accounts for over 65% of their website traffic. But historically, mobile has not converted at the level that desktop traffic has. I have found that mobile appears to be the gateway to conversions for many. Balancing the cost of mobile to desktop clicks in AdWords will continue to be challenging this year as traffic volumes change.

We are here to help if you need help navigating these issue or boosting online visibility, we have the savvy to move your business forward.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

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Keywords People Use to Find You

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AdWords: Understanding Quality Score

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