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My Italian Vacation

Dear Friend,

I am back from my fabulous vacation to Italy and wanted to share a special photo. The image below is from Burano, an island village just outside of Venice. Taken at sunset on a cloudy day, the colors of the homes splashed in the reflection of a canal create a unique and colorful memory.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

My Italian Vacation

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Are You Ready for More Demanding Customers?

Google has recently revealed research based on micro moments and customer buying patterns to Google Partners. Of particular interest are several trends: 1. Customers are more demanding; 2. "Near Me" searches have decreased by 150% over the last 2 years; 3. Use of a zip code in a search query has declined 30%.

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How to Evaluate Automated Bidding Methods in Google AdWords

Should you use automated bidding methods in Google AdWords? The answer is both yes and no. Google AdWords aggressively requests for you to use automated bidding when they feel that you may get more conversions.

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Why Do Click Costs Increase Sometimes In Adwords?

It is very important to remember that Google AdWords is an auction. The highest bidder does not get the top position, but each time a search is done an Ad Rank number using the cost per click bid and the Quality Score as well as the extensions that are used in the account is run and advertisers are racked and stacked.

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