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Not Implementing GDPR – Are You Feeling Lucky?

Dear Friend,

So far nearly all of my US based webmaster clients have taken notice of the changes needed to their website to be EU compliant with the new GDPR rules on EU citizen privacy.

This is what I hear from clients who don't want to update:

• I do not sell in the EU so this does not apply to me.

• I don't care if I have EU visitors. No one will prosecute me.

• I guess I am feeling lucky and so am not doing anything.

Let me demystify something please.

• It is not complicated to make these changes.

• There are free cookie handling scripts for this.

• Your privacy policy needs just a few minor changes.

For most clients we work with, the implementation would be under two hours and the cookie acceptance script is free unless you are on https and then expect to pay about $75 for the script.

The site update is not obtrusive, yet gives you protection. Although our own website does not get a lot of traffic from the European Union, factor 30 day traffic times 12 months. That number is high enough to think twice about saying no one will find me out.

Being transparent with website visitors is important, not hard to do, and is the right thing to do. That is what the EU's GDPR is all about.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Not Implementing GDPR – Are You Feeling Lucky?

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