McCord Web Services May 2018  

Certified for Another Year

Dear Friend,

As a Google Partner, I have to take a minimum of two exams annually to retain my Google Partner Certification and to retain AdWords Certified Professional status. This past two months, I have been busy studying and taking the exams. I studied in excess of 60 hours for these two comprehensive tests.

I scored a 96% on my AdWords Fundamental exam and a 100% on my AdWords Advanced Search exam. I also do additional training to keep my Bing Partner Certification and retain Bing Ads Certified Professional status.

As a Google Partner, Google monitors activity in my firm's manager account. The manager account is where all my firm’s client accounts are linked; allowing me one login for account access. Google reviews how frequently I am in client accounts, the benefit of the changes I make, and the features I am are using for each account.

Google means business when they share their name with a firm and allow Google Partner status. As a Google Partner, I am held to a higher standard than others who sell similar services without this credential.

With advanced knowledge of the AdWords system, years of account management experience, I have been able to guide AdWords programs to success, boost lead inquiries, and improve return on ad spend.

If you want peace of mind that your AdWords account manager is skilled to provide quality services, Google has done the vetting for you before awarding our Google Partner status.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

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