McCord Web Services, A Microsoft Advertising Partner, Our Smart Start Program

Using Microsoft Advertising to advertise on is a great way to reach a wide variety of new clients and prospects. Microsoft Advertising has introduced some interesting and unique additions to their pay per click program, please visit our Microsoft Advertising ads explained page for more information features that allow you to effectively advertise now on Bing.

Microsoft Advertising has seen some big changes these past years and has been aggressively overhauled to improve customer satisfaction and ad serving performance on Utilizing their premium quality content network for your pay per click program may revolutionize your perception of what advertising in content can do for your return on investment.

As a search engine marketing professional who has passed the rigorous examinations and is certified by Google and Microsoft Advertising, Nancy McCord knows how to help jump start your Microsoft Advertising program. Find out what we offer in our Smart Start Microsoft Advertising program.

McCord Web Services' Microsoft Advertising Smart Start Program For $950-$1,300

Our Microsoft Advertising Smart Start program includes the following services:

  • Consultation/Keyword/Bing Ads Competitor Review
    Review of competitor's ads, selection of keywords for maximum searches. We provide ad group theme selection consultation with you and an intensive review of your existing website for keyword selections.

  • Microsoft Advertising Account Set Up
    We will provide Microsoft Advertising account set up, creation of up of three or four ad groups, select your keywords and negative keywords, and create variations of ad text.

  • Professional Management/Monitoring Phase I
    We set up your account, targeting, ad groups, and set up Microsoft Advertising extensions (sitelink, call, callout, structured snippet, message, review, location extensions) as well as craft ad text in Microsoft Advertising's new expanded ad text format. We provide detailed instructions for you to send to your webmaster providing your unique tracking codes for Microsoft Advertising conversion scripting and tracking for implementation.

    Additionally, during the first four weeks, we monitor your Microsoft Advertising program several times during the week (Monday through Friday); fine-tuning CPC (cost per click) and keywords. We remove poor performing keywords, add new keywords and negative keywords as needed, and even create new ad text as needed. Our focus is to generate lead conversions and sales for your business. Additionally, we monitor actual search queries to assure that we are doing everything possible to carefully target your program for performance. In addition, you will receive a report from us each week on activity with our comments and analysis.

    Your set up and management fee is determined based on your starting number of ad groups and ad spend. Most clients will start with four ad groups, a $1,000 to $4,000 ad spend and pay $950 for Phase I.

McCord Web Services is a Bing PartnerWhen you select our Microsoft Advertising Smart Start Program, you will pay for our services in advance by check or by credit card. We will schedule time in our production schedule to work on your ads after receipt of payment during the regular business work week.

Nancy McCord is a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional and her firm is a Microsoft Advertising Partner. An official Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional has completed comprehensive online training on managing Microsoft Advertising search engine marketing campaigns and has demonstrated expert knowledge by passing the Microsoft Advertising accreditation exam. She has been certified with the program since 2007, and has been providing PPC management services for over ten years.


Microsoft Advertising Professional Management Services

To utilize these management services, you must have purchased our Microsoft Advertising Smart Start services. We provide these services in a linear progression from set up to monthly maintenance management. For some existing Microsoft Advertising users, we may be able to provide management services at our hourly rate of $90 per hour. Please contact us to find out if your existing Microsoft Advertising account will qualify for our special services.

  • Professional Management/Monitoring Phase II (second four weeks) - $375 to $600 (depending on ad spend)
    In the second month, we monitor your ads several times per week and fine-tune your program for click and conversion delivery. We report to you bi-weekly with our comments and analysis of account activity. It is not unusual for additional ad groups or break out programs to be created during this time period in some cases at no additional charge to you.

    Your set up and management fee is determined based on your number of running ad groups and ad spend. Most clients will have four ad groups with a $1,000 to $4,000 ad spend and pay $375 for Phase II.

  • Professional Management/Monitoring Phase III
    See the pricing grid details below for your estimated pricing based on ad spend and ad group number. In the third phase which is billed monthly, we monitor your ads each week as needed and fine-tune your program for conversions and clicks. You receive a monthly report from us and we even schedule a monthly conference call to review your account strategy with you by phone. We will bill for management services based on our price grid you will be billed by the higher number monthly for ad group numbers or scheduled ad spend. This fee is re evaluated monthly and billing is based on what is setup and active in your Microsoft Advertising account. See the detailed price grid below for our ongoing service monthly management fees.

Know More About Us

We currently manage $3 million per year in ad spend for Google Ads clients and a number of clients in Microsoft Advertising. Please contact us for special pricing for high ad spend accounts and more than 15 ad groups. Some of our clients are spending $90,000 per month in clicks. We can handle large and small accounts with low management fees that boost your return on investment in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising advertising Our fees will typically be well below even 5% of ad spend for high dollar accounts, to allow you to compare our services to other Microsoft Advertising Partners and search engine marketing agencies.

Pricing for On-Going Management Services

Service Level Price Ad Groups 30 Day Ad Spend
Phone Support with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $230 3 to 6 $1,501 to $2,500
Phone Support with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $270 6 to 9 $2,501 to $3,500
Phone Support with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $315 9 to 12 $3,501 to $4,500
Phone Support with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $360 12 to 15 $4,501 to $5,500
By Contract $90 per hour 15+ $5,500+

Nancy McCord is a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional

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