Twitter Writing Services

Twitter is a great place to monitor what is being said about your business, share links to your services, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. With the ability for tweets/updates to be widely circulated on the Web, the power to reach and share your information with others using the Twitter platform may be the perfect match for national selling and some local selling businesses.

Read our newly released "Real World Guide to Twitter and Facebook" research paper to see what you should be doing on Twitter and Facebook now.

As expert users of Twitter for business and link growth we have created several programs that allow you to share your information and build authority using Twitter.

How We Are Different When It Comes to Twitter Writing

We are different and truly focused on quality and content when it comes to social media writing and here's how:

  1. We use only American writers.
  2. We use only college educated, mature professional writers.
  3. We hand select the background information for our team of 10 writers.
  4. We decide what keywords will be used in your hashtags when used.
  5. We have four social media installers, who load the content in our writer's portal and schedule your updates.
  6. We have a college graduate proofread all your content after it has been installed in our writer's portal before being published.
  7. Updates are between 30 to 40 words to closely match Twitter's new character count of 280 characters per tweet.

But our service does not stop there...

The day your update is to appear, we verify that it has published and republish it if the time was missed. Find out more about our service levels and pricing. For additional frequencies please contact us at 540-693-0385.

Bundle Our Services for the Best Value

When you bundle our services you will save as much as 20% off our published pricing. We bundles Twitter and Facebook or Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Find out more about how you can save with our special flat rate programs.

Twitter Quartz Level Program - $792 Average Month*

In our Twitter Quartz Level Program we provide three tweets:

To use our Twitter Quartz services, you must be using our blog writing services or one of our other social media writing services.

Twitter Ruby Level Program - $572 Average Month*

In our Twitter Ruby Level Program we provide two tweets:

To use our Twitter Ruby services, you must be using our blog writing services or one of our other social media writing services.

Twitter Jade Level Program - $308 Average Month*

In our Twitter Jade Level Program we provide one tweet:

To use our Twitter Jade services, you must be using our blog writing services or one of our other social media writing services.

*Important Notes on Billing and Our Services

For our pricing calculations we have estimated that the typical 5 day a week posting month has 22 days. Some months will have 20 and some 23 service days.

*Please note at all levels you will incur a $25 set up fee to connect your Twitter account to our writer's control panel in our corporate HootSuite account.

Please note that billing for all Twitter Services is done based on the number of service days in a calendar month.

Additionally it is important to note that we use HootSuite to write and schedule our updates for Twitter. In order to use our writing services, if you already have your Twitter user name tied to your own HootSuite account, you will need to transfer ownership of the account (only for HootSuite purposes) to us. If you stop our services we will transfer ownership back to you without delay.

Want Facebook Updated Too!

We offer a selection of services for Facebook. Please visit our Facebook services page for information and pricing.