Website Content Writing Rates

We have a growing stable of writers who perform your services.We are pros when it comes to writing for websites. We provide quality unique content written in a marketing-type style to present your services in an informational and winning way to move a prospect to the next step – contacting you to buy your products or services!

For website content only, your final pricing will be based on a more in-depth interview of your specific needs and is supplied in writing. You will receive a personalized quotation based on your unique needs after consultation with us. Although we have found we can't write content for every website and business sector, please contact us today to see if we can write for yours.

Blog Writing or Ghost Blogging Rates

We do a significant amount of ghost blogging for clients and have a well-developed program with multiple service levels based on the amount of content and research provided as well as offering multiple choices for posting frequency. Please visit our ghost blogging page for in-depth details and blog copywriting rates.

E-Newsletter Content Rates

Our e-newsletter content creation service rates are based on our hourly rate of $75 per hour. We have found that some clients only need one feature article for their e-newsletter and others need two small articles. Sometimes content from their blog can be incorporated into an e-newsletter saving on time and content creation fees.

In other cases clients may want us to contact and interview one of their clients for their e-newsletter to create a feature case study requiring contact, interview scheduling, and then a phone interview with a client. In other cases we have interviewed key personnel for feature article on a "team member of the month". Whatever your need, when it comes to e-newsletter creation, we can do it.

Article Writing Rates

We evaluate each request for writing in this area on a case-by-case basis. Our article writing pricing is based on amount of research and the difficulty of the topic. Please visit our feature article and link bait page for more information, rates, and samples. Although we cannot write on every topic and for every business sector, we may very well be the perfect match for your needs. Please call us at 540-693-0385 to find out.