Coming Soon New Trademark Rules to Google AdWords

With Google fighting a lawsuit on the use of trademarked keywords, it is simply a matter of time before G0ogle AdWords will not allow trademarked keywords in your AdWords trigger list.

Read the full article at the Wall Street Journal here to come up to speed on the lawsuit.

For all AdWords accounts showing ads overseas in Europe it has long been the policy that not only can you not show trademarked terms in your ad text but you cannot even include them in your keyword list. Not so in Canada and the US. You may run into a problem using a trademarked term in ad text, but you can have the keywords in your trigger list.

With this lawsuit brought by Rescuecom Corp. I believe that Google keyword policy may be changing in the near future. Already over the years Google has really beefed up it use of trademarks in ad text. If you’ve ever run into the issue, you know what I mean. You can get your ad text approved, but only with the trademark owner verifying that you and your account number are authorized to use their trademark. This can all be done via fax, but must be on a corporate letterhead and signed by a titled executive.

With this lawsuit, I believe it will be just a matter of time before we see the European standards rolled out in the US and Canadian markets.