Yahoo Sponsored Search 1/2 Price Sale

That’s right if you have the right product, you can generate as many conversions as you can on Google AdWords but at nearly half the click cost! The big caveat is, is your product the right product for Yahoo Sponsored Search?

Not every Yahoo account will out perform a Google account, but here’s what I have found:

Beauty products will do better on Yahoo PPC  than Google AdWords.

Real estate will do better on Yahoo PPC than Google AdWords.

Some education programs and course offerings will do better on Yahoo than Google.

The biggest rule of thumb is if the product is personal in nature or needs a personal relationship to sell or provide it, then Yahoo will be better. If the product is more technical in nature then Google AdWords will beat Yahoo Sponsored Search hands down.

Sometimes you simply need to try Yahoo to see what will happen after you have a mature Google AdWords program. If you have success on Yahoo, you will most likely be successful on Microsoft adCenter. If you are not successful on Yahoo then don’t expand to adCenter in most cases you won’t do any better there. These are  just my personal observations from years of account management. Your best bet is always to start on Google AdWords first and then expand carefully from there.