Tips on the AdWords Display Ad Builder

Here are some tips to consider when using the Google AdWords Display Ad Builder to help set up image ads for your Google AdWords Display Network targeted campaign.

  1. Expect a much higher click through rate (CTR) with ads created using images in the Display Network than with regular text ads.
  2. The Display Ad Builder will make all sizes of your ads for you automatically. But make sure to click each ad size and resize as needed or move around the content blocks by dragging them so the text looks “right” for each size ad.
  3. Consider using the suggested ads that AdWords creates for you to get started in under 10 minutes.
  4. You cannot change the ad text in each ad size so choose short phrases that work for your product or service.
  5. You can add additional images of products or your logos to certain templates. Browse around in the tool to find the one that suits your specific needs best.
  6. Once your program is running a .05% (yes that is right) is considered a great click through rate by Google.

I do like the Display Ad Builder. It allows me to set up good looking display ads pretty quickly. This is especially important where we want to test the program we are running in the Search Network to see if it has viability in the Display Network.

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