Tips on Website Content

Here are my top tips on creating website content.

  1. Think like a reader. Make sure you write what people will want to know about your services.
  2. Keep paragraphs small. Content on the web is scanned, don’t have large blocks of content.
  3. Make sure to use h1 and h2 tags to sort your content for search engines.
  4. Give enough depth so prospects can really understand what you sell and can do.
  5. Provide interesting information about more than just your services – give the why and how.

The bottom-line is to think like a customer when you write website content. If you knew nothing about your firm, what would you want to know. What makes you different and sells your services to a prospect?

Make sure you use bullets, graphics, and white space to break up your content pages. The page should be interesting to the eye as well as have something great and interesting to say.

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