Last Tidbits on Product Listing Ads Using Your Merchant Data Feed

Here are my last tidbits on using Google AdWords to show Product Listing Ads (PLA) pulled from your Google Merchant Center Data Feed.

  1. Make sure to click to validate your data feed once set up in Google AdWords so you are sure that you have everything properly connected in order to assure that ads will be show. This is done by clicking the “validate” button.
  2. Use Targets and Filters appropriated to determine what products will show. Filters operate at the campaign level and targets operate at the ad group and product level.
  3. Each product target you set up should be in its own ad group to maximize opportunities for the products to show.
  4. Start with a bid for your PLA that is comparable to your existing cost per click advertising programs.
  5. The relevance of your product and your bid WILL impact when your product shows.
  6. Bid higher on specific product targets than you do on all products.
  7. Use custom created AdWords URL to improve product tracking in your product data feed.
  8. On product listing ads you do not enter keywords in your program, but you do set up negative keywords to target your program.
  9. Promotional text is applied at the ad group level. This is where you would add a note like Free Shipping.
  10. Google will not always show your promotional text. It will depend on the space available.

You can view the full video below.