How to Work Effectively with a Google Ads Consultant

We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing.
We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing and Search Optimization.

As a Google Ads consultant, I offer several tips on how to find and work with a consultant to boost your Google Ads response and conversions.

First, Look for a Google Partner
Google Partners have had to meet very specific qualifications in order to carry the Google Partner badge.  A badged agency will have the technical know how, best practices, and be up to date on Google Ads services. Start first by using a Google Partner for your Google Ads consulting needs.

Second, Interview Your Consultant
We offer free account reviews if you are considering using our Google Ads consulting services. After review of your account, an interview with me will showcase my firm’s and my own level of experience. Thoughtful suggestions to help improve your account performance that are shared during your interview will assure that you are working with an experienced expert.

One question you may want to ask is, “Will you be the one updating my account and planning my Google Ads strategy?” When you work with my firm, I personally manage and plan the strategy for all accounts and routinely work each account. Many other services may have you interview with a marketing rep who will never talk to you again after the sale is closed, or ever even manage your account. Make sure you are clear about the level of hands-on that the person you are interviewing will take with your Google Ads account.

Third, Check References or Reviews
If your potential Google Ads consultant does not have names and phone numbers of satisfied account owners to share with you or does not have performance ratings or reviews, you may want to move on. We post our client ratings and can offer access to clients we manage. We want you to speak with our clients before you make a decision to use our services.

I personally invite you to visit our website to find out more about our Google Ad consulting services and account set up  and management fees.




Working With Teams

Nancy McCord a Google Partner and Bing Partner
Nancy McCord a Google Partner and Bing Partner

My firm employs a number of staff to assist with Google Ads consulting, social media, and blog writing. Not all staff is located on-site.

Here are a few tips on how to communicate and keep staff on track and accountable as well as focused.

Use Technology to Communicate
Most of our staff is under the age of 30. I have found that assuring that they have mobile access to tasking is key. We use TeamUp for our online tasking and scheduling app. Each staff member has a smartphone with enough data monthly to access work. I require that when projects are completed that they mark the item done or drag that item to the day they will work on it.

Use Video to Show How
When I have complicated tasks, I do a video explanation followed up by an email. Some of my staff like to closely follow the steps in the email and others get the gist of what to do by watching the video. As a good boss I know which of my staff members needs what and I try to supply the information in the way that I know will be the easiest for them to get and understand. My videos are typically 4 to 10 minutes long and show as a hands on what to do. The emails are detailed so staff can print it out and follow step by step.

Teach Accountability
Although work gets done, assuring that they note that something has been completed in TeamUp or doing the required follow-up email or text can be a challenge. I use SMS Scheduler to send out reminder text messages on an automated schedule to keep staff on notice that they need to do the final step which is to let me know what they have done. I have found that text is the best way to get the attention of younger staff and email the best way to get the attention of older staff. The automation of the text messages allows me to set the reminders up once but to send out on a repeating schedule.

Working with remote staff does have its own special challenges. We do try to get together periodically face to face to celebrate and train on more intensive subjects, but I have found that these several tactics have really helped my business to be effective and grow.



Who Owns Your Google My Business Page?

Who Owns Your Google My Business Page?
Who Owns Your Google My Business Page?

Who owns your Google My Business Page? Well, of course it should be you, the business owner. But, did you know that many times your webmaster or internet marketing firm actually owns it?

Here’s just one scenario I saw last week. We did an AdWords set up for a doctor, the AdWords account already existed. The original marketing firm had set up their own business as a location tied to the client’s Google My Business page, so it looked like the client had two business locations. The Google My Business was linked to the client’s AdWords account.

What I found out was that the search marketing firm was getting free clicks to their business at the client’s expense. $35 of clicks just in two days! All without the client’s knowledge.

It is very important that you have all items for your business set up in your name and with your email. You should be the admin and never your marketing firm. Google is very persnickety about ownership of Google My Business pages and it is very, very difficult to break a connection once established, especially if you are not the account owner.

How will this issue for the AdWords client be resolved? First, the marketing firm needs to pass ownership or give admin rights to the real business owner. The owner needs to try to separate the two business locations and if all else fails get with a consultant such as myself to call Google and try to have Google do the separation.

Separation will most likely require a site revalidation by regular mail and may or may not be successful. For this client, for the time being, clicks cannot even be stopped to the other business as there is no way to select business locations once the Google My Business Page is connected to AdWords from within the AdWords control panel.

Be aware that this is a difficult issue to resolve. If this cannot be resolved, we may have to disconnect location extensions from the client’s AdWords account which would be a huge negative in our location specific search world for this doctors ad serving.

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