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Our Blogging Writing Services Are Different!

Be discerning when it comes to your blog writing service professional.
Be discerning when it comes to your blog writing service professional.

When we offer our blog writing services to you as a good match for your project needs you’ve got to know we are different!

  1. We use only American writers.
  2. We use only college educated, mature professional writers.
  3. We hand select the background information for our team of 10 writers.
  4. We craft the title for your blog post for the writer.
  5. We decide what keywords will be used in your blog post.
  6. We have a MBA graduate proof read all your content as it comes out from our writing team.
  7. We have four WordPress blog installers, who load the content, add categories, and tags as well as hand select the image to enhance your content.

But our service does not stop there…

The day your post is to appear, we verify that it has published and that it looks good.

If you are looking for a focused, results oriented team to write your blog posts and make you look good online, I invite you to check out our blog writing service program.

We are available for additional time charges to work with the Yoast plugin in an effort to green light any writing for SEO purposes your blog posts.


Do You Have a Content Production Schedule?

Do you need a content production strategy?
Do you need a content production schedule? Yes you do!

A content production schedule, what’s that? Even if you do not blog and pay a service to blog for you, or if you don’t blog at all, a content production schedule is key to improving your organic search placement over time.

Start first by evaluating your important traffic generating keywords
You can typically identify the top keywords for your website by reviewing what generates the most leads for you in Google AdWords or by pouring over your Google Analytics statistics.

Take time to build website or blog content that speaks to these important topics
If you convert on a particular keyword phrase, make sure you are using it in your content or build out new website content to specifically address these phrases.  If you blog, consider using those important keywords in your blog posts.

Monitor your organic placement on your target terms
To see if you are moving up organically on your chosen terms focus for a full 30 days on building 12 blog posts or three website pages over 1,000 words each that speak to the phrase you are evaluating.

Make sure to measure placement before and at the 30 day mark. You may need another 30 to 90 days of hitting those same terms before you will start to see movement.

Plan your content ahead 30 days out
After you have evaluated your placement. Start a spreadsheet and create your page content or blog post titles that are keyword dense and then schedule time or have your writer create interesting informational articles that speak to these topics.

If you need help with a blog writing strategy for your website to boost your organic placement, make sure to visit our website to find out how we can help you with  a content strategy that works.

Quality Control When It Comes to Blogging is Job One

We take blog writing quality seriously. Do you?
We take blog writing quality seriously. Do you?

Even if you buy only one blog post a month from us, our quality control does not change.

Just what do we do when it comes to quality control with our blog writing services?

  1. I personally create each blog post title and select the background article/information for our team of over 10 professional writers to use to create your unique content.
  2. We have a professional editor with a Master’s Degree proofread each and every blog post before we accept them from our writers.
  3. We have a team of content specialists do your WordPress installation, select categories, tags, and select and install an image to match the content of your blog post.

But we don’t stop there…

4. The publishing day of your blog post, we click into your blog to assure that the post has published, looks good, the white space is correct and that the image is appropriate.

5. If there is a problem, we correct it before nearly anyone in your audience has had a chance to read the post. We publish our blogs at 3:00 am Eastern Time and review them before 7:00 am each morning.

That is some serious quality control! We mean business when we say we provide premium quality blog content. As the owner of McCord Web Services, I invite you to check out our blog writing services today and check prices.

Blogging for the Authority It Builds

Google Partner Badge
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner.

In my world, that of webmasters, blogging is not about chatty comments from readers. In fact for me, blogging is not really about subscribers, rather blogging is all about building new fresh content on your website, garnering inbound links, creating new content for search engines to spider and to build website/keyword authority.

Yes, content of this type of blogging is crucial and not for the faint of heart. Excellent and well-written blog posts capture the attention of a wider market, encourage others to link to your content, and effectively soft sell your products and services. It is less about writing about you and more about writing to answer a question or solve a problem!

If you stay focused on the real reason for a blog and monitor link growth over time in the Google Search Console, you will feel the value of blogging more than if you are monitoring the number of comments from readers.

Add to the mix the ability to garner search placement on blog posts that will then act as a doorway into your website for readers, and blogging has even more value.

If you are looking for the “right” writer and professional tone for your blog, look no further. Visit our website to read blog post samples and check out our prices.

Site Prominence and Local Organic Placement

Mobile exposure in AdWords is key.
Does your website show up prominently in mobile searches for your location?

Organic placement in the local results is important for many businesses, but the big question is how can you get there other than paying your way onto the page with Google AdWords?

If you are a service provider that looks to sell your services in your hometown, placing with your location is key to growing your business.

Here are my top tips to getting local placement for smartphone and desktop searches.

  1. Make sure that your phone number is in text at the top of your website page and not in an image.

2. Make sure that you have your full address and phone number in the footer of all of your pages.

3. Put your phone number and city location in the meta title tag of your home page.

4. Make sure that you have your city location in your h1 and h2 tags on your page.

5. Start working on great customer service and start building reviews. If you have reviews on your website, make sure they are coded for Google using Rich Snippets.

6. When you blog, blog with purpose and cater to your local market with city or state names positioned prominently.

7. Hire a savvy expert who will assist you in crafting a content strategy to boost local positioning. At McCord Web Services we provide consulting to help you position your website to place in your geographic location.

Don’t flounder around anymore, get the help you need to start placing locally in your city and state.

What Do Hackers Want with Your WordPress Blog?

Expect the unexpected.
Illustration depicting a roadsign with an ‘expect the unexpected’ concept. Sky background.

The question is always the same, “Why does a hacker want to get into my blog?” The answer is always the same – to drive traffic. But, that traffic is not to your site, but rather to drive traffic to a site they are being paid to promote.

The traffic is either direct or indirect. Direct traffic is where a hacker breaks into your WordPress site and then overwrites your website with their own site or landing pages pointing to their own site, I just saw one today for a webmaster prospect that was taken over by pornography sellers.

Indirect traffic is more sneaky. Here the hackers break in to WordPress and hope that you won’t know. Then they leave self-replicating scripts in various locations of WordPress and even tunnel into your own website. They use these scripts to create “ghost” pages that only search engines can see that are filled with links and keywords all pointing to sites they are hoping to boost in the organic search results.

In many cases if you find what you think is the spam directory (usually they hide it) and you delete it, the replicating scripts simply recreate everything you’ve deleted. You’ve got to do a very thorough  wipe of the server and site files to get rid of this type of hack permanently.

Many business owners ask, “Why me? I’m not Amazon and don’t even have tons of traffic!” Here’s where the hackers are playing a numbers game. The more sites that point to the site they are promoting, the better off they are initially.

Typically sites that these hackers are promoting are trying to garner organic placement temporarily to serve malware installations. Once the search engines figure out which sites they are they shut them down, but by then many people are now infected and the hackers then go on to the next site.

The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of issues is to keep WordPress updated and as secure as possible with plugins that monitor files and then check your WordPress application at least once a week.

If you need help with monitoring WordPress, please check out our webmaster services.