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Introducing Our Summer Intern, William McCord

William McCord, Our Summer Intern
William McCord, Our Summer Intern

William McCord, my 20 year old son, has joined the firm for the summer in a Computer Science internship.

William is a rising Junior in Computer Science with an interest in programming, GIS, and cyber security at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

With a passion for computer programming, he is already helping to implement and tweak complex scripts for AdWords account management as well as fine-tuning his HTML and CSS skills for website design.

This summer, he will be focusing on WordPress management, site design customization, website security, mobile-friendly e-newsletters, and AdWords script programming.

He is a incredibly fast learner, innovative, and a hard worker. We are excited to welcome him into our office.


How Do You Get the Word Out About a New Service?

We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing
We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing

I had a colleague contact me about a prospect the other day. They said their long time client wanted to promote a new service but they did not want to do pay per click, maybe remarketing or social media instead.

The prospective customer told me he had a new seasonal repair program for his business and wanted to get the word out and get his phone to ring for bookings – like now!

In my honest opinion as a internet marketing and web visibility expert pay per click using Google AdWords is the best way to promote a new service of this nature. Here’s why…

When you have a short time period to get results, AdWords delivers immediately. Social media promotion will depend on the size of your fan base. There’s no purpose posting a promo to Facebook and hoping to get results if you have 10 followers! Now Facebook pay per click may be an option and a good one for some prospects, but never drive traffic to your Facebook page – rather drive traffic to your website.

When you need to get the word out fast, AdWords delivers. Blog posting, social media postings are great but build slow organic momentum. I do not consider either strong and immediate lead generators.

Remarketing is great for most businesses, but not for immediate returns. But, remarketing IS an AdWords product and USES a pay per click model. It may take some prospects a week to build the 100 cookie list that is needed to show ads and for others it may take more than 30 days.

If you have less traffic you will not get an immediate response in fact ads won’t even show until you have the right number of cookies. Also remember even remarketing competes in the AdWords auction, your bid has to be high enough to get Display Network placement with Google.

For the majority of prospective customers, AdWords is the best fit for immediate lead generation. If you want to chat about your needs, I encourage you to visit our website to review our pricing and program and then give me a call to chat about your needs.


Use AdWords to Launch Your New Website

I just got off the telephone with a prospect who had been referred to me by his webmaster for Google AdWords services. Here were his questions.

Q. Why do I need AdWords promotion for my new website?

A. Many times a web designer will recommend to a client to boost initial activity on a new website by using Google AdWords.

For many SEO firms, they will also recommend using AdWords for the first 60 to 90 days so what they are doing to boost your website visibility has time to take hold and you have an in flow of leads right after site launch.

Q. I did AdWords before and was not successful, why would this time be different?

A. If you used AdWords Express or an AdWords consultant who was not certified or was not a Google Partner, you may not have had the expert skill level needed by your account manager to move your business goals forward.  Account managers with a high performance level may be able to get results for your program where others who were not skilled failed.

Q. How would I know what budget to set and how many clicks I could get?

A. Google AdWords provides an excellent tool called the Keyword Planner, that allows you to see an estimate of traffic, bid suggestions, and insights into the right keywords to use for your program, all before you even start running an ad.

The bottom-line is that AdWords works to drive qualified, quality traffic to your website. Hands down, AdWords is the best lead generating tool that you can invest in to help boost traffic to your brand new website.

If you need a savvy, expert AdWords account manager on your side, I invite you to check out my website to review ratings and check pricing for services.


Google Positions Itself as a Venue Unto Itself

Need help getting your site visible on the Web?
Need help getting your site visible on the Web?

Here’s just another release from Google that points out again that the Big G’s plans for the future include boosting their own brand and creating stickiness of their own site; all at the expense of organic listings.

Here’s a short detail, “Google Posts are a new element to the search engine that is currently in the experimental phase. The feature allows businesses and people alike to develop content to be posted directly on Google. The content then appears highly ranked in the SERPs in a carousel format. ” Full article is found at SiteProNews.

The key takeaway on this announcement is that by providing the information that you want and need, you will soon have no reason to ever even leave the Google search page or a Google owned property. All the better for Google, as this allows them to serve you ads while you are digesting quality content and finding the relevant information you need without even leaving their site.

Think about your shopping experience on Amazon, do you need to shop elsewhere for anything at this point? Amazon sells it all. Both Facebook and Google are now in a race to become “Amazons” in their own way. This strategy is making it difficult for small businesses to only count on being found in the organic results as a way to grow their business exposure as both platforms work to greedily keep readers all to themselves.

If you need a boost in visibility and are concerned about the shrinking landscape of organic results, it’s time to get on Google AdWords. Find out about our Quick Start services.