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Facebook Thrashes Google Friend Connect

Well the deal is down for the count. Facebook has just stated today that Google’s fledgling Friend Connect violates it’s terms of service and will block its use of their network. You can read the full post here.

Not only is this really bad news for Google as Facebook was the most important site on its implementation list, but it is bad news for Friend Connect users. Without Facebook the other services, other than LinkedIn, in the Friend Connect network are marginally used.

The only way that Friend Connect will really get off the ground is to have other great social networking sites buy into the program.

But does Facebook’s decision surprise you? Not me, Facebook is in talks with MSN so why would MSN want to let Google has access to one of its “cherry” potential properties. Let Microsoft implement its own version of Friend Connect tied in to Facebook and that’s sure to be winning combination and a perfect ad vehicle for Microsoft adCenter – you go Microsoft!

The war between MSN and Google will be ramping up again for sure on this one.


Twitter Your Way to More Traffic

If you are not using Twitter you may want to strongly consider giving it a whirl. My Twitter site is

I have been having fun with Twitter for about the last 30 days. I went from posting all the time to posting every day or so and include interesting links in my posts.

Twitter is like a mini-blog. I like it, it is easy to use, and I am using it to keep on top of the NOW news on the Web. I have found more really cool applications using Twitter and links from other peoples Tweets than taking the time to read a full blog.

What I like is also the ability to subscribe to Twitter Feeds of others in my industry and real celebrities in my industry as well like Matt Cutts (Google engineer) and Danny Sullivan (SEO guru). I find it hugely interesting to see what they are watching and even seeing their mundane day Tweets as well.

If you are looking for a bit of fun, check out Twitter, you may become addicted too.


Social Bookmarking – Should You Implement It?

Yes, even if you are not using social bookmarks yourself, you should implement their use on your web pages and blogs. There is a whole sector out there that can help you to promote your site if you allow for the easy tools to allow users to share your information with others.

There are several sites that allow for auto generation of the code that allows for automatic sharing versus many popular sites. If you click our post title you will go to one site that even allows for a variety of configurations.

Some social bookmarking sites give you code to install, others have easy to add Blogger or WordPress widgets, just do a web search and you will find many sites that will help to educate you on the installation and even allow you to select the services that you want to include.

Some of the hot social bookmarking sites on the Web that you will want to include for sure are Digg,, and StumbleUpon just to name a few. If you have one you like to use not in my short list, just leave it as a comment below.


The Web is Atwitter Over Twitter

Twitter is in the news and if you have not tried it, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Twitter is a new social networking site. If you click my post title, you will go to my Twitter home page and there you can see what I am doing and who I am following.

I think Twitter is easy to use and fun. Once I have gotten over the novelty and deleted people who were posting every five minutes drivel on their daily lives, I have actually picked up a few interesting tips and applications that others in my industry are checking out or watching. I have found out about Fire Eagle, Twitter Map, Twitter Feeds, just to name a few.

Although I have now gotten tired of seeing what someone posted for lunch, I am watching Twitter to see what others are watching and looking for. I am also using it to point to interesting articles and also as a platform for my blog. So once you get past the initial thrill, you can put Twitter to work for you as a social media tool.


Why I Really Like Twitter

You know I just started testing Twitter out last week and I have to say that it is becoming one of my all time favorite apps. Click my blog post title to see my own Twitter page.

Twitter is like a blog, instant messenger, and interactive social media site all rolled into one. Here’s what I particularly like:

1. It is super easy to start. You don’t even need to know anyone. Just search for your business areas and then read the short bio and click follow of the people who you think sound interesting.

2. Write in 140 or so characters what you are doing or link to what are reading.

3. Look at what other people are linking to, reading and reviewing.

4. Get involved! I find the interaction refreshing and I am not a big fan of social media sites – they take too much time, but Twitter is fast, short, and actually really fun! I find Twitter easier to update than a blog, fast, interactive, and actually really fun.

Not sure, just try it for three or four days. If you are on the web all day long like me, Twitter is a super easy way to connect, have your ear to the ground for new info, and to meet others in your industry. I even have clients who are following me on Twitter. When you get on Twitter, it may surprise you who you will find there.

One tip, if you don’t know where to start with friends, search for people with your last name and just follow the first ten. It’s kind of cool to see if you may even be distantly related.


Social Media – a Candid Review Is It Worth the Time?

Well you will love or hate this post on my very candid take on social media at Web-World Watch. If you are using social media and don’t agree with my view, make sure to leave me a note.

I think that social media is interesting but a time pit and wonder just how busy some of these people are in their business that they have literally hours to work and add to their network.

From my experience the people I see actively using it are people who really intend to spam their friend network by broadshotting job postings (if they are head hunters) or mass mailing all friends about new listings (if they are in real estate).

The blog is candid and unvarnished. Click in to see if you agree or diagree.