Google Website Optimizer

Wow, this is really the tool for serious Google AdWords professionals! Google has invited us to test out the Website Optimizer, a professional grade tool for testing landing pages for Google AdWords performance.

What an excellent tool! Click our post title to sign up to receive an invitation when they have spots open. I just completed our test set up and I have to say that the tool is complicated but looks like it should really be a jewel in Google’s toolbox for account management professionals.

A few tips, I found it confusing to add the scripts to the various includes for headers and footers that I have on my site. Even though I added the code, Google had trouble sensing it. I ended up just making an HTML page from my includes and put my content in there without a problem. Highly dynamic sites may be harder to set up if you are using several includes.

Take time to watch the movie first, I scrimped on this and will now watch the full video to see what I missed.

Don’t do your work late at night. The implementation and set up took several hours and so it is best to do this when you are fresh not at the end of the day. The level of detail is intense to make the program work best and so take your time and think out what kind of testing you want to do first.

This tool will be a real resource for clients who really want to test landing pages for improved results.

This is what the Website Optimizer does. Allows you to create a page, tag special sections, then create dynamically inserted new sections – this makes up your test and Google will measure the activity and let you know what is working. Google serves up the dynamic content for you.

I was able to make one landing page with three different titles, two different content blocks, and two different images one male one female for our ghost blogging ad group.

Google has detailed reporting that will identify what is working best during your test period. It is all tied into Google Analytics and into the Google AdWords interface.

An excellent, top level, professionals tool that you will definitely want to check out.


Search Engine Optimization Is Not For Everyone

Search engine optimization is not for every website. Although search engine optimization can really improve the organic search results for some websites, there are a couple of considerations when really search engine optimization should not be considered and maybe a full site redesign may be a better investment of money and time.

When not to do search engine optimization:

  1. If your site is created in Frontpage and the site layout becomes broken when new content is added
  2. Your site looks funny in browsers other than Internet Explorer
  3. You have a site designed totally in Flash
  4. Your website looks dated or non-professional

As search engine optimization is not inexpensive, in some cases the money that would have been spent on search engine optimization would be better spent on a new search engine friendly design with built-in optimization features.


Our January Newsletter is Out

I’m a wee bit late getting out this issue of our newsletter, but here it is. Just click the title of this post to view January’s newsletter. In this issue I discuss how to get a contact form if you don’t know how to do scripting, tips for using Internet Explorer 7, and the Louisiana Wave Studio a new website.

Click in to check it out!


Domain Tasting

I had a client send me some information about Domain Tasting and wanted to share what I have found out about it.

Domain Tasting is where a firm usually involved in spamming or AdSense Arbitrage buys many domain names from a domain name registrar. They then set up Google AdWords programs pointing to these domain names and use them for five days. Before five days is up, the user then returns the domain names that have not generated income to the registrar for a full domain name refund.

I had never heard of this most likely because my firm is only involved in legitimate business dealings. I asked the staff at about this specifically. told me that yes the five day grace period does exist and is honored by ICANN. A domain can be refunded during that period. But told me that domain name refunds are done on an individual case by case basis. If a number of domains were returned for refund or refunds requested on a regular basis, the account would be red flagged. GoDaddy at that point may choose not to allow the refund for the domains purchased or may choose to close the account or not have future dealings with the person involved in Domain Tasting.

Yes it appears that Domain Tasting does exist, but this is a shady area and one that some people are clearly using to their advantage and by people of possible questionable business intent. It is clear that anyone who is involved in Domain Tasting is not using a main stream registrar and is using one who has questionable business policies.

One good thing for the legitimate business person is that if you spell your domain name wrong when you sign up or realize that you got the wrong ending like .bz instead of .biz, you can quickly get with your registrar and correct the problem.


Google is Cracking Down on Duplicate Content

Google is getting smarter and smarter. If you click our blog post title, you can read their new patent disclosure that will allow Google to do a “sketch” to match similar content. Clearly Google is trying to weed out spam sites or scraper sites that parrot the same content over many websites on the Web.

Unique content will be valued in the Google index. Sites will no longer be able to pass off great content as their own and improve their search engine page rank as of result of it. Entrepreneurs who thought that they could widely sell their content on the Web to real estate agents, insurance agents, or other professionals may end up dinging the SERPs of their clients and not benefiting them.

It is a brave new “Google World” out there. Their patent disclosures are must reads for professional webmasters and serious web entrepreneurs.


Just Launched – The Louisiana Wave Studio

We’ve just launched a new website for the Louisiana Wave Studio. Just click our blog post title to visit this new website or visit it at The Louisiana Wave Studio has a very unique wave tank and wave machine that is available to the movie and television production industry. The wave tank is one of a kind and unique in the United States.

I found the photos of the wave tank in use for the movie “The Guardian” highly interesting to view. The finished water, wave, and wind sequences were so life-like that it was hard to believe that some of the sequences had been filmed with small boat models. When you click in to review this new site make sure to visit the video page to see the wave tank in action and review the pictures page to see how the wave tank is used by cinematographers and directors.

The website has been designed for organic optimization and has been colored to work with the unique company logo. Styles were used to create the rollover affect on the left hand navigation bar instead of images for a more search engine friendly design.

If you like movies, are curious about how the movie studios do some of their special water effects, this is one site that you’ll definitely want to check out.


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