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Want a Vanity URL for Google+ Now? Here’s How to Get One

Although Google+ is getting ready to create vanity URLs they don’t have them available for everyone right now. So GPlus.to has created a way for you to use their third party app to create a short easy to share URL for your Google+ profile page.

It’s simple go to GPlus.to and set up an account, enter in your Google+ long URL and create a simple short vanity URL.

Here’s a short video that give you the steps if you want to watch. Just remember that if GPlus.to goes away in the future that your marketing and branding efforts are for naught, but this does make your URL way more sharable.


Using Google+ Posts for Improved Web Visibility

Get going with Google+ for your business.
Get going with Google+ for your business.

Here are just a few tricks to help with web visibility when it comes to using Google+. First, it is important to know that your posts will appear in the Google.com search index. Your first line will actually appear as the title in the search results, so make sure that you consider what you’ll write first and make it work to your advantage.I’ve found more often than naught that my personal profile posts will be in the search results more frequently than my business page posts. Remember also that there is no limit on the number of links that you can add to a post, but I recommend not going link crazy. You’ll want something readable yet memorable while still being sharable for your update.

I’ve found that the Google+ community is more visual than text oriented and so make sure to use images, links — as Google will auto add the image for you, and videos.

While you are thinking of how you can leverage Google+ to your advantage, don’t forget to optimize your About page. You can embed links into your profile information so make sure to point back to important pages for more information on your website.

Google does not allow automation or scheduling of any kind to personal profiles. They do however allow automation to business pages. This unique difference assures that the voice on your Google+ personal profile is real. This authenticity is one of the reasons that I personally like Google+ but find it problematic for client’s to embrace for their own business’ web visibility. For now we don’t offer Google+ status update writing to personal pages, but do provide services posting to business profiles.


Coming Soon Custom Vanity URLs on Google+

The current URL of your Google+ page is long and ugly, but the Google+ team does say that they are working to re mediate this issue.  at Google writes in one of his Google+ status updates that Google is currently trying out new vanity URLs on select brands at this present time.

Google+ vanity URLs will be in this format Google.com/+NancyMcCord (this URL does not exist yet, but you can connect with me on Google+ for now on this ugly URL: https://plus.google.com/104147012849953819334#104147012849953819334/posts.

You can read Saurabh Sharma’s full announcement online. Make sure to read the comment thread as it is interesting.

The first step in the process is to request Google+ verification. Here is the link to start.

So stay tuned when custom vanity URLs are available on Google+ I’ll make sure to let you know.



Google+ Tips – Bold and Verify

Here are a few tips for Google+ that I thought were pretty good and wanted to pass along.

How to Bold Something in a Status Update
This is pretty cool and I stumbled across this on the Web, but can’t remember where. To bold something specific like a keywords or hashtag in a Google+ update surround the text with a +. For example I want to bold AdWords Services in an update, I use this syntax +AdWords Services+. Check it out in your own account and you’ll see that once published it will appear as AdWords Services.

You may want to try bolding your Google+ hashtags or keywords to see if this helps you with Search Engines and indexing.

How to Hashtag Something in Google+
On Twitter you use # in front of a no space hashtag to let Twitter know that they should index your tweet with a special search phrase. For example referring to my business name on Twitter I would use #McCordWebServices. Note I have no spaces between words. On Google+ you will use #McCordWebServices also and your updates will appear tied to that search.

How to Mention Someone in Google+
When you want to link to and mention someone in Facebook or Twitter you use @mccordweb. Note the @ in front of their name? On Google+ you will +mccordweb or + and then name the person.

Verify Your Google+ Business Page with Google
To make sure that Google knows which business is yours. Make sure to verify your business page with Google using this online verification tool. This will allow Google to know who you are and may speed your ability to create a vanity URL for your Google+ pages.


Ready to Connect on Google+ Here’s How

I consider activity on Google+ important for business owners. The real SEO and search benefits are however not achieved by updating your Google+ Business page, but rather your Google+ personal page.

So, how can you connect with others to start building your Google+ empire and improved rankings for your company website in the organic listings?

  1. Start by making sure the content you write is on target, on topic, and engaging.
  2. I use my Google+ page for business and not personal use. Consider doing the same for now.
  3. Work to actively add users to circles and respond when someone adds you to one of their circles.
  4. Click +1 and leave comments on posts you find interesting. You’ve simply got to spend some time.
  5. Consider starting a hangout. Well I am still thinking about that one, but have participated in several others and they can be fun. I have just not initiated one.

I personally find that for placement Google+ will be very important. As Google does not allow any automated or scheduled updates to be passed to your Google+ page, you will find the community of business people,legitimate, real and engaging.

Personally, I use Facebook for personal interaction on my locked down private page and Google+ as my face on social networks for business.


Make Sure You Are Fully Integrated With Google+

I’ve recently read a great article found at SiteProNews on Google+ website integration and wanted to point it out to you as it really has some great tips on how to fully integrate your site with Google+.

Here are the tips in a nutshell, but please make sure to read the full article as it is chock full of excellent easy to do tips.

  1. Make sure to add a great headshot of yourself to your Google+ profile. It will be shown in search results. Use an image 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.
  2. Turn on the ability for others to see your +1’s in your Google+ profile. (Read the article for the easy steps.) You can only do this on your personal page not a business page.
  3. Cross link your Google+ profile and website. This is a crucial step and make sure to read the article carefully about the re=”author” attribute as this is what gives you the Google+ juice that you want and need for SEO.
  4. Consider using a head tag link reference to your personal Google+ page.

The big kicker is that it is really hard to juice up your Google+ Business page. Google+ is really set up to link and cross link to your personal profile. Business pages are really an after thought at this point which hopefully will change as Google+ realizes its full organic placement and SEO potential.