FAQ - Doing Business with Us

In our effort to be transparent, we spell out for you expected delivery time frames and strive to answer questions.

Our Typical Client

Our typical client is an advertising agency or B2B or B2C company with a monthly ad spend between $1,500 to $60,000 a month. We are the performance marketing strategists that other advertising agencies trust to manage their own clients. View our credentials.

We work only with with businesses based in the United States and who pay with a US-based credit card, check or via bill.com.

We do have solutions for clients wanting to test Google Ads at a low ad spends or for a limited trial period. Just contact us to schedule a free new client 15-minute phone conversation.

Delivery Time Frame

When you use our services, we will ask you to enact a detailed letter of agreement that spells out our responsibilities and your responsibilities. Your letter of agreement will have your specific time frame detailed by project and is reflected in the information below by category.

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising Set Up and Account Management: Once our agreement is enacted and full payment for set up and the first four weeks of management as well as any other fees, we will schedule your service. Typically service is provided within one week of the agreement signature. Set up of your account will be a two day process. Once your program set up is completed and ads set to run, your management services start.

Web Design Projects: Once the letter of agreement is signed, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit for the agreed upon services. Final payment will be due before the launch of your approved and completed website. The typical time frame for a website is around four to twelve weeks but may be shorter or longer based on the specific technology and items that you have selected for your website. Your detailed agreement will spell out specifically your personal project time frame and will be agreed upon before you pay your deposit.

Other Services: Content writing, social media, and blog writing services are provided typically on an on-going basis with most clients being billed on a monthly basis at either a flat rate or for the hourly time needed to perform the tasks that they have requested. A letter of agreement will be enacted spelling out the scope of each on-going project and services will be provided on an as-needed or as-requested basis.

Monthly blog writing clients will pay for the first month's service up-front and then be billed prior to our start of the next month's service with the current month's full charge due by the 5th of the month if the client is using our credit card auto billing services. Full details of the billing process will be spelled out in your personal letter of agreement.

Important Notice: All clients who pay for services by our automatic billing of their credit card will be required to send a photo copy of the front and back of their credit card as well as a legible photo copy of their driver's license along with their signed contract. All self-paying credit card customers must supply their credit card billing address and zip code for address verification check and receive a CVV code match before any services will be rendered. These policies have been enacted to fight credit card fraud and to keep our prices low.

Refund Information

We work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with all that we do for you as detailed within the scope of our letter of agreement for deliverables.

Website design customers, should you have a situation where work must be stopped on your website design project, we require a minimum of fourteen days written notice. We will bill any hours or partially completed projects from our time billing records against your deposit which has been applied to your account. If additional monies are due to us for the completed work, we will supply you with a detailed invoice for payment within seven days. If there are funds on account that have not been used as documented in our billing records, we will promptly refund them to you within 14 days of receipt of your stop notice as a refund check payment.

Search engine marketing customers may stop account management at any time with a written thirty day stop notice at the end of the service month. If you stop services after services have been started for the new month, any refund will be determined by unused hours for account management. There will be no refund on the initial research and set up service once your search engine marketing account has been set up even if you choose not to run your ads or if Google Ads will not approve the running of your ads due to a site violation, website content issue, or copyright infringement on your part that is out of our control.

Blog writing customers may stop on-going services with a thirty day stop notice. If our blog writer has written ahead when we receive the stop notice, we will charge you for and publish all written posts even if they exceed the thirty day period. If our blogger has not written ahead, we will stop services for you immediately and process your refund within the contracted 14 day period.

Working to Provide Transparency

Our letter of agreements are written to be clear about what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. We always work within our contracted scope of services.

Our Policies Are Simple

Trust is built from transparency.