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Personalized Search Results

"Due to our new prominence on all major search engines our business is booming." – Joan Freedman, Director, The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics

How organic placement is determined on search engines has changed significantly in the past several years. Google states that it now evaluates over 200 different factors to determine website placement on their search engine, including your mobile version of your website. On top of that, no longer can a service firm optimize a website based on a set of keyword phrases and expect placement to be the same for every reader.

Now, search engine results are personalized; meaning that what one customer sees is not the same as what another sees, and can even be different from what you, the website owner, see online. This makes traditional search engine optimization as it has been known obsolete.

Personalized search results are impacted by the search history that you yourself make every time you do a search on,, and Results are impacted by what you search for and what you click-in to review; the art of improving search placement has become very complicated.

Improve Organic Placement

We feel that the first step to improving organic placement is to review current placement and then create a unique strategy for improvement. Each client's situation and needs are different, but the first step for all clients, starts with an assessment. In some cases, our assessment will recommend a redesign of your website, introduction or a blog, quality articles written and syndicated to develop inbound links, website content revisions, or even consideration of pay per click advertising; in the short term to drive traffic and leads.

Your Website Placement

It is important to understand that no legitimate company can promise top search engine results overnight or guarantee that a small website can have top Google placement on several keywords competing globally, ever. We understand the web visibility improvement process and work hard to use our expertise to help improve your position. As a legitimate service provider, we use our years of experience to develop a program for you that we feel will, over time, generate results and improve your organic search engine placement. When you work with us on web visibility improvement and content optimization, you will get responsive attention to your needs and professional recommendations.

Web Visibility Services

After our initial evaluation has been completed and our plan discussed we will provide you with a written proposal of our services and pricing to implement our recommendations if you desire for us to perform the work. We understand that our customized services are not a good match for every client, but our report and review may provide the insight you are seeking to further your own plan and give you an understanding of one path to success.

Did you know?

We can start with a retainer for services for as low as three hours of time. Some clients keep us on-call to chat about strategy or do keyword research. Other clients need more robust reviews and recommendations. We are flexible to meet your needs.

Success Is A Process.

Having a skilled web visibility consultant on-call, helps you to focus your efforts on things that matter to your business.