Google Pay Per Action Clarified

I have just set up a customer in Google AdWord’s new pay per action program. Here is some additional clarification about it.

  1. You may only target at the country level. So if you are going to advertising, it is US or full country or multiple country only.
  2. You should select lead only unless you are selling a product on e-commerce. You can not pay for an action such as a mortgage completed as there is no way to track this. You can however track a sale with a price that doesn’t change and one that is variable, but it must be trackable through your store with a special conversion tracking script added.
  3. You can only have pay per action ads appear in the content network. Your ads will never show on Google when it comes to pay per action.

Hope this helps as you consider if you want to try Google AdWords pay per action. Google is taking sign ups but only inviting a limited number of advertisers at this point, but if you want, here is an invitation to sign up and get on the queue.


Yahoo, MSN and Google Embrace Sitemap Robots.Txt Notation

This is big news and for sure you will want to update your website with the new sitemap Robots.txt tag that points the top three search engines to your sitemap with auto-discovery features.

You simply need to add this little snippet to your robots.txt file with your correct information inserted:


It’s simple and the big three are all accepting it! You can click my blog post title to read the full article on the Yahoo Search blog that is acting as the press release.