Use of Multimedia on Web Pages

Click our post title to go to this new website on global warming awareness that we are just starting to work with the owner to promote using Google AdWords and blogging.

I wanted to point out to you as an interesting use of multimedia embedded in a web page. When the site opens Captain Anderson the ship’s owner explains his innovative program. A slide show creates additional interest as you listen to the audio.

I think that the site is interesting and uses media in a very enhancing way. Now just how can a blog work to enhance a site like this? Blogging allows readers to interact with the site owner to ask questions, get more information about his innovative Earth-Ship and to share their views on global warming.

Where you have a great site, including a blog adds a dynamic personal element to a website including viewers as well as drawing them in to participate in your discussion. Take a look and see what you think. We’ll let you know when the blog is up so you can see how a blog rounds out the message of a website.