Website Search Engines

Many of the websites we design are large enough that we really need to provide more than a sitemap for readers to be able to find what they want. I have found that FreeFind is a super online search engine that will spider and return content for searches on your own website. What I like most about FreeFind is that for $5 a month for under 250 pages I can skin the search pages to match any site seamlessly.

What’s the point of having a search engine if you are showing ads or showing Google’s name at the top? On sites I design I like to keep the brand and not showcase another’s brand. I have reviewed several online website search utilities and have found that I like FreeFind best for my needs.

I use FreeFind on my own website and blog and have implemented it for other sites across the web. I pay $108 per year for FreeFind to spider my blog, PDF files, and all my 488 web pages. When someone enters a search query on my site, they are supplied back pages on a page that looks identical to my website ranking pages in my own site on that topic.

FreeFind is easy to use. You can set spider frequency, upload a custom template, configure results to weight pages as more important, and even block the FreeFind spider from files or directories.

I find FreeFind a good value and perfect for my needs.