Easy Contact Forms For Your Website

If you don’t know how to set up a Perl script to process forms on your website, if your web host does not have an easy to use script library, if you are not a programmer and you cannot figure out how to get contact forms working on your website, I have a solution for you!

My Contact Form is a great service that I have been using for over a year for some clients. I only use it when I just can’t get a contact form to work or if programming would be too expensive. We always select the Pro version that is ad-free, and boy it works great. I have been able to configure the form to be seamlessly integrated into the website and the form works great.

Not only will it email the information to you in the premium addition, but it will save an archive of completed forms online. Great for when you want to make sure that forms don’t land in your bulk mail.

There is no coding involved, just questions, choices, and then copy and paste in of the completed code. Once you have the code embedded if you really feel like you want to style it more, you can jump into the code and tweak the look of the page.

I would highly recommend My Contact Form to you for situations where you just can’t otherwise do a contact form.