How to Write Effective Blog Post Titles

Getting search engines to your blog and getting readers to click into your blog post are all based on your title and the first 250 characters of your blog content. Your blog post title is important and can generate traffic and interest so it’s important to take time to make it winning.

Most of our clients are blogging for search engines and so here are a few tips to creating a good blog post title that works well for readers too.

1. Consider making your blog post a question. Think of search query phrases that a reader may use to find your information on Google and make that your post title.

2. Consider adding “How to” or “Review” in your blog post title depending on your content.

3. Include keywords in your blog post title but not as a list rather as a keyword dense phrase.

4. Consider creating a catchy title one that grabs attention.

5. Consider adding “Best Practice” in your blog title.

What is key as you think about your title is that it is keyword dense and could possibly match a search query that may match a phrase that many people are searching for verbatim. On your own blog try out different variations and see what works for you by watching your blog site traffic statistics. You’ll quickly find out what content your readers are most interested in and then be able to build blog post series around that content to garner even more traffic.