Production Blogging Why We Don’t Do It

Social media blogging, production blogging – steer clear, why have a blog if no one will read it. You cannot scam search engines they reward great content not just frequent content.

Read our post at Blog-World Watch to read examples and find out why this is true – at least from my point of view. I’m confident that I will persuade you to agree!


Production Blogging Is Social Media Blogging!

Social media blogging will not get you the results that on-topic authoritative blogging will. Click our post title to read why the content matters for your blog and read examples to choose which style you want for your own blog.

Getting great results is not about “having” a blog, it is about “great content” on your blog.


Blog Content Matters! It’s All About The Readers

Many blog owners forget that blogging is not all about search engines, it is about the readers! Oh, I am not saying that search engines aren’t important, but to have a blog really work for you on many different levels, your having great content and building readership should be your focus.

Search engines cannot be scammed. What garners subscribers and readers to a blog as well as encouraging people to come back is what search engine love too and will reward.

I’ve had a few incidents recently where prospects want super cheap writing for their blog. They don’t care about topic or content, “just slap something up there for the search engines”. What they forget is search engines are highly developed cyber intelligence tools; weighing content of a website, analyzing topics on a page, reviewing keywords, looking for duplicate content in their index, and then assigning a score which affects organic placement. Great on-topic content both on a website and on a blog is rewarded by both search engines and by readers. Content is truly King!

We do not do “production blogging”. We care about what we write and our business has grown tremendously based on the quality of content that our writers produce.