Train in Your Downtime Online

For my business March, April and May are very slow. During these slow times I actively work on researching new services, identify customer needs, and take online classes to stay sharp. Some of my top whitepapers have been written or updated in these months.

When I know that I will be slow, I look ahead for the online classes that would help me do a better job for my clients. I have found that the International Webmasters Association has excellent instructors and the classes are challenging, the books selected excellent, and the course schedule allows for maximum freedom.  In my downtime this month, I am taking a four week class in Dreamweaver. I am an Adobe GoLive code expert and love the product, but I lust after the Spry widgets that Dreamweaver offers.

I bought the software, course book, and signed up for a member’s $80 4 week class to learn the ins and outs of Dreamweaver from the experts starting April 28th. The great thing about these classes is the camaraderie and information that is shared between class members.

I have even hired people I have found in my class to work for me and have networked with others. Online classes are great and you can do the coursework when you want. I have taken beginning PHP, introduction to Flash, and several other classes. As typically I am busy, the projects that are assigned I choose which to really get involved with. Some I just meet the requirements and others I use to fine-tune a skill. Others in the class may be using projects to build their portfolio, but I just need the skills not the project to show to others.

Once you know when your business slow time is, get proactive and just don’t sit by the phone. Work to improve your skills, your website, and your business!