Designing Your Website For Google

I just picked up this article from the Google search blog and wanted to pass it along to you. In the post, Google staff talks about what key elements of website make a site perfect for good placement on Google and I could not agree more.

Top things for Google:

  1. Focus on people
  2. Have a fast download time for your website
  3. Have a simple design
  4. Keep both beginners and experts informed and entertained
  5. Be innovative
  6. Design for a global audience – not everyone has super huge screen monitors and is an English speaking native.
  7. Plan ahead for future business and new technology
  8. Have a neat design but don’t distract from your content
  9. Make sure people can trust you have integrity in all you do
  10. Be human and real

But don’t just think that Google loves this type of design, all viewers and reader will benefit from website that take this simple approach. If you think about it, the list of 10, in my own words, will make your site engaging, informational, trustworthy, and build authority. Now that’s the true way to top organic placement not just on Google but on all search engines!