How to Successfully Use LinkedIn for Business and Networking

I’ve just published my September e-newsletter and it is a special feature on how you can use LinkedIn for business. This special edition is interesting reading and my candid viewpoint on social networking.

If you have been pooh-poohing the value of social networking or thinking that Facebook and LinkedIn take too much time, you really need to read what has happened to me as I researched this article. From my perspective, I have a whole new take on social networking and am actively and aggressively growing it not to move my business forward.

Here’s just a snippet to get you thinking…

“What I found out in my testing was, well, shocking. So much so, that it has dramatically changed my viewpoint of social media and social networking. Here’s my candid experience and story. …In under 12 hours from my large list invitation my LinkedIn network contained over 90 connections. Less than one week later I am at 140 connections and still growing. In the first 24 hours, I also picked up a possibility for a new speaking engagement in front of 60 local area public relations professionals and a potential new subcontracting partner project for search optimization, ghost blogging, and Google AdWords management. All this with a wee bit of time investment.”

I now as of today have 178 connections and am looking to break 200, and that seems very doable. I have made business connections with three resources which should turn into remarkable business endeavors and have reconnected with clients and friends in a fun new way.

Read my story and see what you think.