Google Chrome – No IE Smasher

Well I downloaded Google Chrome on Tuesday and have taken it for a run. Yawn, it is just another browser you’ll download and then discard. I personally found it highly unexciting and too simple in design. Simple can be good, but Google Chrome is not even classic in design.

The one thing that I did like was the ability to drag a URL directly from the address bar into a bar spot for a super easy bookmark. However, I found the inability to nail down the bookmarks to a side bar location like I do with IE 7 annoying to say the least.

Will Google Chrome be more than a novelty? Probably not. Of course there are some people who like anything new and will try it and swear by it, but I am still sticking with IE 7. I like the polish and finesse of IE 7.

You might be thinking, she doesn’t like it because it’s new. No, I am not adverse to change, but I have to tell you for as much time as I am online, I need a workhorse browser, one that makes things easy for me. I want bookmarks and favorites where I want them, I want a slim control profile, I want secure browsing sure, but I want one that is easy to use too.


Google Chrome – The New Web Browser

I am writing this post on Tuesday to publish on Friday and I am hoping that by then the Google Chrome link will be active for you to check it out.

Matt Cutts of Google just mentioned on his blog that Google is releasing a new browser called Google Chrome. Matt had not even taken the new application for a spin yet so that’s alone is big news!

When Google does anything it can be big, not always though, remember click to call, how about AdWords radio ads or AdWords print ads. Even better how about Google Friend Connect? Google Chrome may be another ringer or it may be another winner. Either way I just bet if you read the EULA that your browsing history gets reported to Google.

I’ll check out the link on Wednesday. If it looks good I’ll do an extra post this week to review the application.