Obama Time for Change

Barack Obama, I’m not sure if he is brining good change or bad, but change is coming.

As you all know Obama is our new president and is sitting waiting to be inaugurated today. This is really cool and all because it’s  happening here right around me in the Washington DC area. The inauguration today is supposed to be the largest gathering ever on the National Mall. I’m not going and I am not trying to get caught up in the traffic or in the subways today.

On the day he was elected I saw giant mobs of people come out of the dorm’s at my college.  It was all in good celebration at first, but then the McCain supporters came out. Then confrontations started, some turned into fights and then the police came. This all surprised me because I felt that this occasion was one to be remembered, not one to fight over. I thought everyone would be happy for change.

I am definitely ready for change and am excited to see what Obama does to bring our country out of this hole, a certain someone has gotten us into. When others heard I was excited for this change they were puzzled, because I was a McCain supporter. I hope for great things now that Obama is our President. Sure I supported McCain because he had more experience but I think Obama will do a fine job.