Stranger Than Weird

Just to let everyone know McCord Web Services at Ravenna Court is not a law office.

You might think this is weird for me to bring this up, but over that past couple of days we have had people calling hysterically saying they can’t make it to court, to people asking if we had any other law firms in our building.

When we heard this, we were dumb struck, we operate in a home office with other residences around us. When we told the man who called last night that this was a home office,  he let us know that there was a telephone scam going around in California and, they were using our office address.

The scam was either you pay someone some amount of money to get you out of trouble, or you have to come to our address for “Ravenna Court” at a specific time.

If anyone else gets this notice on the web or by a phone call please ignore the person and what they are saying. Above all please do not show up to 2254 Ravenna Court for “Court”, because you will be very disappointed when you realize you are at someone’s home and not a law office of any kind. So once again please disregard the call if it is made to you. This scam is only using our address and has nothing to do with us or our business.