WordPress Title Glitch

Have you seen this on your own blog? You create a blog post and then when you publish it and click on the title of the post to see the separate post page you get a message saying the post cannot be found? What causes that? How can you fix it?

First remember that blogs communicate in the world of HTML and each blog post is really an entry in a database. When you use special characters in your blog post title sometimes you mess of the database preventing WordPress from being able to find the post to return it on its own page.

Here are some of the characters that we know cause this to happen: …   –   &

If this happens to you, you cannot just go in and fix the title, the damage has been done. You will need to delete the blog post and totally re-enter it in WordPress.

So if you have been mystified over when and why this happens, now you know!

Have you seen other characters do this on your blog? Leave me a list below to share your knowledge so we can all stay away from those characters too.