New Blogging Clients – the Writer Makes All the Difference

We’ve added some new blogging clients recently and wanted to share some great writing with you as well as some old favorites. With seven talented writers, we may just be the perfect match for your blog needs as well. Find out more information about our blog writing services.

Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Company

This blog is owned by DJ Products. We write for the main corporate blog and this is their second blog with us. They sell aircraft tugs that pull small aircraft out of hangers to the runway. The blog is interesting even though you might consider it a fairly complicated topic. The same writer has worked on the DJ Products blog for easily over a year and has developed a wonderful understanding of their product line.

PehnecGems’  The Lab Gem Supplier Blog

We have just started this blog on Wednesday September 2nd. I think as you review previous posts and then the post from Wednesday on this blog you will agree that a quality writer makes all the difference in the world. This is a new blog for us and we are still learning about the topic so stay tuned to see what we do with it. You can also follow PehnecGems on Twitter and review the tweets that we supply there as this client is also using our Twitter Executive Program.

Marks Psychiatry

Although this is not a new client for us, we have been writing for Dr. Marks for several months, the writing and information we provide on this blog provides tremendous value to the client’s website visitors. Even the Dr. has been favorably impressed with the quality and authority of the content on topics in her area of expertise.

Permanently Beautiful

We have been writing for this blog since it’s start up in October 2008. We have had a few different approaches taken on content and I think the new direction we have recommended to the client is “spot on”. Check out the last week’s posts that focus on celebrities and a younger market and then scroll back a few posts to see what you think. Sometimes on your own blog you have to try new things to see what works best for your readership. This is our real value to you, we recommend new approaches and direct our writers to try new topics when we feel that the writing is turning stale. We work hard to provide you with the great content you want and need, but with a very smart audience-centric approach.