What Can Twitter Do For You?

Twitter is hot, but many people still do not understand why they should Twitter for their business. Here’s my answer in a nutshell: Twitter gives you a voice. Twitter drives traffic to your website. Twitter allows you to go viral with a message.

Just those three things that Twitter does for you makes it an incredibly valuable tool as part of your marketing arsenal.

Twitter gives you a “voice”

What do I mean by that. Well, Twitter puts a voice and persona behind your corporate message. When you interact with followers on Twitter you exchange personal information and points of view. You remove the corporate mask and become a “real” person to followers – someone they can relate to and may want to get to know better.

Twitter drives traffic to your website

If you do not understand the value of Twitter yet, sign up for a bit.ly account and shrink every one of your tweet URLs in your bit.ly account first before you put it in TweetDeck. At the end of the week look at the number of clicks to the links you tweet about. The figures will stagger you. If you have worked to really connect with your followers on Twitter they will reward you by clicking your links. If some of these links are to your website, you are actively driving traffic to your own website.

Twitter allows you to go viral with a message

You just cannot put a dollar price tag on this one. It ranks up there with invaluable exposure. When you have something important to share, a hot news tip, a new point of view, or a discovery when you share it on Twitter your message can go viral. First you tweet it and share it with all of your followers, them some of your followers will retweet your link and note to all of their followers, some of their followers will retweet and so on and so on. It is easy to get massive free exposure or have a message go viral using Twitter and the power of personal connection.

If that’s not enough?

Remember this is all free! You just have to take the time to tweet. Certainly anyone can write 140 characters with a link and take advantage of all Twitter has to offer. You really should give it a try!