Is Your Organic Position Dropping? What to Do About It

If your organic placement is dropping now’s the time to review what you can do to stop it. First, if you have not updated your home page content in a while and by that I mean in the last two to three months, now’s the time to make some updates. Second, if you don’t routinely add content to your website, by that I mean adding several new pages every month, now’s the time to get blogging.

For the last several clients who have called to find out why their placement on had changed dramatically, I found that both had not updated their websites in over one year. A website should be a work in progress. New content should be added on a regular basis and the home page should be changed at least once a month or once every two months, even if that only means moving things around. Keeping your website fresh is very important to getting and then keeping good organic placement.

If your website placement has significantly dropped, like from somewhere to nowhere, you may even need to review what keyword phrases you were targeting and see if maybe there are a better matches for your products and services that should be used. It could be that Google has simply arbitrarily decided that the phrase you optimized for is just not a good match to what people will actually be looking for. It could also be that the market place has changed and that a careful review of new possible keyword phrase targets should be done.

I have found that when I start to see my own site dip on my target phrases when I update my home page, change my meta title tag and meta description I can quickly pop back up in the search results. Sometimes as quickly as in seven days on Google.

If organic placement is important to your business, it is important to monitor on a monthly basis where you are on the search phrases on which you have optimized. If you don’t know where you place now, you can not create a plan to improve on your current results.